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Belize real estate values have been steadily going up during the past ten years. This trend continues as many new developments are springing up throughout the country and a new cruise ship port opened in Southern Belize in 2017. New airlines are have added to the decreasing cost of getting here and new roads has connected once inaccessible areas. Buyers are finding various ways to invest in this unique and growing country. Most foreigners purchasing real estate pay cash from their own money, or borrow funds in their home countries where interest rates are lower.

Second option to purchase real estate is through owner financing where the seller provides part financing for the buyer, Conditions are flexible but an owner financed transaction usually sees the buyer putting down 30% cash and the owner finances the balance at rates of between 6 to 8 per cent over a five or ten year period. If you are buying property as an investment or future retirement home, you can hire a property management company to rent out your property when you are out of the country and pretty much have tenants pay for most of the cost of the purchase.

Foreigners can also obtain financing in U.S. dollars from local offshore banks. The maximum you can borrow is between 60 and 80% of the value of the property. Rates are about 8.5% to 12% interest. One advantage of financing your real estate purchase through a local bank is that the bank will have in-house attorneys to protect its loan portfolio.

Atlantic Bank International offers such services. Simply establish a relationship with them by opening a personal and/or corporate account and you will be able to apply for financing.

They offer small personal loans as well as large loans for projects. All loans are disbursed in US dollars, however, our clients have the ability to transfer funds to a Belize account to purchase local items if necessary. AIBL loan:

  • Offer US Dollar loans at a very competitive interest rate
  • Collateral must be located within the country of Belize
  • Interest is calculated on the reducing balance
  • No penalties on prepayments
  • Financing ratio is 60% – 40%

You can also move IRA and 401k offshore with Atlantic Bank International. Kindly refer to their website for any additional info and fees. Atlantic International Bank